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S O O O O- Na+
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

Chemical Name - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Mol We

S O O O- O- NH4+ NH4+
Ammonium Sulphate

Chemical Name - Ammonium Sulphate Mol Weight

S O O O O- O S O O O- NH4+ NH4+
Ammonium Per Sulphate

Chemical Name - Ammonium Per Sulphate Mol Wei

Ca2+ Cl- Cl-
Calcium Chloride

Chemical Name - Calcium Chloride Mol Weight -

Cu2+ S O O O- O-
Copper Sulphate

Chemical Name - Copper Sulphate Mol Weight -

Cu Cl
Copper(I) chloride

Chemical Name - Copper(I) chloride Mol Weight

Cu O
copper (II) oxide

Chemical Name - copper (II) oxide Mol Weight

Fe2+ S O O O- O-
Iron(II) sulfate

Chemical Name - Iron(II) sulfate Mol Weight -

S O O O- O- Mg2+
Magnesium Sulphate

Chemical Name - Magnesium Sulphate Mol Weight

Mn2+ S O O O- O-
Manganese Sulphate

Chemical Name - Manganese Sulphate Mol Weight

Mg2+ O O- O-
Magnesium Carbonate

Chemical Name - Magnesium Carbonate Mol Weigh

Mg2+ O-2-
Magnesium Oxide

Chemical Name - Magnesium Oxide Mol Weight -